50 Ways to Make an Eternal Difference



(1)  Serve in the office as a volunteer
(2)  Provide a scholarship for a deserving student
(3)  Establish a scholarship fund to honor someone
(4)  Give a one-time gift
(5)  Give a monthly gift
(6)  Rent a room for a student
(7)  Donate stocks to JWC
(8)  Buy a book for the library
(9)  Donate books for the library
(10)  Serve in the library as a volunteer
(11)  Help with special projects
(12)  Help with building maintenance
(13)  Help with grounds maintenance
(14)  Help with building/remodeling skills
(15)  Provide textbooks for a deserving student
(16)  Have a JWC garage sale
(17)  Donate computers or software
(18)  Help with special events
(19)  Tell others about JWC
(20)  Mention JWC in newsletters, FB, Twitter, etc, etc
(21)  Buy an insurance policy with JWC as beneficiary
(22)  Tell prospective students about JWC
(23)  Take a class at JWC
(24)  Provide office space
(25)  Provide office equipment
(26)  Provide office supplies
(27)  Become a “Keystone” volunteer
(28)  Fund a professorship
(29)  Fund a special need
(30)  Fund a lectureship
(31)  Equip a classroom
(32)  Encourage your church to support JWC
(33)  Encourage your company to support JWC
(34)  Provide funds for faculty development
(35)  Provide discounts for students, faculty, and staff
(36)  Furnish an office
(37)  Furnish a classroom
(38)  Furnish a whole building
(39)  Build a building
(40)  Put JWC in your will
(41)  Consider a charitable trust for JWC
(42)  Donate a car, boat, house, or other asset to support JWC
(43)  Donate special skills or services for students, faculty, and staff
(44)  Encourage friends to get involved
(45)  Encourage friends to sign up for JWC updates
(46)  Become “College Parents”
(47)  Help with student events
(48)  Give a gift to honor someone
(49)  Attend events at JWC, and above all,
(50)  Pray for John Witherspoon College