The name “John Witherspoon” not only recalls the tremendous achievement of this “Forgotten Founding Father” in building an institution to equip a revolutionary generation, it recalls the tremendous example of his personal sacrifice for the sake of that vision. The future of John Witherspoon College depends on that kind of vision and that kind of sacrifice. Would you consider helping to lay a strong foundation for JWC in one of these key areas? The Witherspoon Fund John Witherspoon left a secure, high-profile position in Scotland to take over a struggling college in the colonies at a crisis moment. His decision to come was agonizing—he actually refused once because his wife feared leaving her home and facing the uncertainties of life in America. But when he did come in 1768, he threw himself into the tremendous task of building an institution of excellence that would provide leadership for his new nation. Witherspoon traveled throughout the colonies raising support for the college, while he recruited students, taught classes, and even planted a church! The Witherspoon Fund honors his hard work and amazing sacrifice by providing for the operational needs of John Witherspoon College.


In the early days of America, John Witherspoon led Princeton to train “a revolutionary generation.” The Founding Vision of John Witherspoon College is to equip a new revolutionary generation at another critical moment in history. The Founders Scholarship Fund helps make it possible for outstanding young men and women to prepare for that kind of leadership at JWC. Even though the cost of an education at John Witherspoon is less than half the cost at most private colleges, it is still beyond the reach of many students and their families. The Founders Scholarship Fund is an investment in a new revolutionary generation.


Veritas in Latin—in English, “truth.” John Witherspoon College exists to glorify God as the beginning and end of all Veritas, and equip students to use their knowledge of Veritas to glorify the Author of truth. The Veritas Learning Resources Fund helps provide the books, journals, software, and many other resources and facilities that students need in a world drowning in knowledge but devoid of truth. The Veritas Fund also makes it possible to provide resources for homeschool and Christian school students, and pastors and churches as well. The Veritas Fund also honors the sacrifice of John Witherspoon, who worked tirelessly to build the Princeton library, and gave his entire personal library for students to use.