JWC Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL)

Programs of Study

About ICL

The Institute for Christian Leadership is designed to serve the needs of laypersons, vocational ministers, and degree-seeking as well as special-interest students.  ICL seeks to offer a range of study programs at an affordable cost, utilizing the strong John Witherspoon faculty and outstanding adjunct professors, and offering a variety of class schedules and formats. The same values that define JWC (Bible-anchored, Christ-centered, People-focused, Kingdom-driven) define the Institute for Christian Leadership. ICL exists for the glory of God—to serve the church of Jesus Christ in her God-given mission, by developing men and women for effective Kingdom service both in the church and in the world.  

ICL Academic Programs

The Institute for Christian Leadership (ICL) offers courses in biblical studies, theology, and ministry, as well as two programs of study: (1) A One-year Diploma in Christian Ministry and (2) A Two-year Associate of Christian Leadership Degree. Since all ICL programs are designed for non-traditional, adult-learner students, courses are typically offered in the evening or in other special formats, and may be offered in various locations.  Institute courses are offered at the JWC reduced tuition rate, but not all ICL courses can be applied to a diploma or degree program at JWC, and students who wish to take ICL courses for credit towards a diploma or degree must meet regular John Witherspoon College admission requirements and pay regular college tuition.  

Diploma in Christian Ministry (33 hours)

Associate of Christian Leadership (64 hours)

         Ministry or Management Track

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